In its fifth year, the 2018 Todos Santos Writers Workshop, running January 27 through Feb 3, is expanding its curriculum. In addition to workshops in fiction, non-fiction and memoir, TSWW will launch a poetry workshop with award-winning poet, translator and journalist Christopher Merrill as its inaugural instructor.

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Christopher Merrill

Merrill is the director of the renowned International Writing Program of the University of Iowa and this year will mark his second visit to Todos Santos, following his first stint as guest lecturer at TSWW’s 2016 session. The author of six collections of poetry and five books of nonfiction, his latest book, “Self-Portrait With Dogwood,” was released this year to wide acclaim. Among many honors, Merrill was recently awarded the Changwon KC International Literary Prize for his work as a poet, essayist, and translator at the Changwon Literary Festival in Changwon, South Korea.

“I am thrilled to return to the vibrant community of the Todos Santos Writers Workshop,” says Merrill, “where the written word is honored, the land and seascape are as glorious as the light, and the food and conversation are delicious.”

The addition of poetry to TSWW’s offerings has been a long-held goal. As a preview, Merrill says, “In my poetry workshop we will generate new poems, discuss a range of exemplary texts, and consider how best to make poetry central to our busy lives. This will be a space in which to stretch our wings—and fly.”

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